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An Artistic Charity for the Bereaved

Our Portrait Creation Process

We work with a developed portrait creation process, letting you know what to expect from the start. Our process is simple and straightforward, giving you confidence and clarity throughout the memorialization process.

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1. Source and sketch

The first phase of our portraiture process involves selecting reference photography for our artists to work from. We prefer that our clients submit at least three different photos for us to render from, but we can work from just one if that's all you have.

We'll also perform some simple sketches to determine an ideal composition for remembering the memorialized. This small and simple step not only defines the project expectations, it also gives us the chance to apply creative insight without wasting any time.


2. Creation and Finalization

The main phase of our portraiture process is the creation phase, where our artists will use their personal creative process to develop a fully-rendered, final portrait. This step typically includes form finding, structure development, shading, rendering, and detailing.

Once the artist has finalized the portrait, our team will work to finalize it in an archival way. Depending on the medium and size, we'll seal the work permanently and source custom frames (if applicable.)


3. Shipping and Sharing

After finalization, the only step left is sending the original work. If the artist is local, you will be able to pick up the portrait directly from them. If that is not an option, we'll work with you to select an appropriate delivery option for the artwork, whether that be shipping the artwork or working through a courier.

We'll photograph throughout the process and professionally photograph to create a digital archive and for sharing your memorial with your family and friends.

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